Kadın ve İklim Projesi, or Kad-im, is a joint project by Kazdağı Koruma Derneği (Ida Mountains Conservation Association) and Türetim Ekonomisi Derneği (Prosumer Economy Association), with the intention of highlighting, sharing and reinforcing the learnings of women’s based efforts toward mitigating climate change, biodiversity crisis, and to foster cooperation among these initiatives.

The brief was to come up with a visual identity which reflects the multicultural cooperative nature of the initiative whilst keeping with a feminine theme, as well as relaying core values such as nurturing fresh water resources, land use and heirloom seeds.

As well as the main visual identity, I worked on creating a variety of social media post templates, which would continue to be generated with minimal design skill requirements by those within the project.

A sketch for this project can be seen here.


Client: Kazdağı Koruma Derneği & Türetim Ekonomisi Derneği
Services: Corporate Identity