Open Maker Community Platform

Open Maker is an international community platform aiming to bring the maker movement around the world to form an ecosystem. The platform’s intention is to use AI learning to support its members through recommendations and suggestions, making intelligent connections between members who otherwise may not have met.

We spent several weeks conducting interviews with makers, collecting information on their needs and came up with the user persona Maker Mike. We then categorised the information Mike would aim to reach in the platform into a clear and simple set of three; Articles, Events, and Projects. Next came the features Mike would need to navigate as his ideal user journey through the platform, and thus his interactions with the AI chatbot feature were designed.

The weeks spent in the User Experience phase of creating and testing the wireframes paved the way for the User Interface part of the project to be completed with great ease.


Client: Hamza Zeytinoğlu, European Union
Services: User Experience, User Interface

Open-Maker User Experience Device
Open Maker User Interface Application Guide
Open Maker User Interface Landing Wireframe
Open Maker User Interface Category Wireframe
Open Maker User Interface Single Event Wireframe