Shine Apothecary

Shine Apothecary is an online retail shop that prides itself on its curation of beauty products based on their efficacy, support of small businesses, and foremost, their non-toxicity for both the environment and the individual.

The brand is the result of a journey to clean up the owner’s personal beauty routine, which evolved into a passion to share her learnings with others. Each product is recommended for sale only after passing a meticulous examination of its ingredients and being personally vetted by her.

In our collaboration with the owner for creating the brand look, we landed on the decision for a simple flower icon accompanying a clean typeface design to reflect the simplicity of her products.

I stylized this handdrawn peony with its timeless elegance and coupled it with a serif and sans-serif typeface to match the grace and purity that lie at the heart of this brand’s approach.

Client: Rachel Schnure
Services: Logotype and Branding.