Türk Dermatoloji Derneği

Turkey was one of the nominee countries for the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology to be hosted at, and I was asked by the Türk Dermatoloji Derneği (Turkish Dermatology Association) to design a visual identity that would showcase Istanbul’s strong candidacy for the role.

I designed a logo depicting the infamous historical attractions reflected on the Golden Horn, working with shades of Turquoise blue in both gradient and flat color for ease of use on a variety of mediums such as silk screen to embroidery.


Client: Türk Dermatoloji Derneği (Turkish Dermatology Association)
Services: Visual Identity

Branding Turk Dermatoloji Dernegi logo
Branding Turk Dermatoloji Dernegi identity
Branding Turk Dermatoloji Dernegi tshirt