Kad.im Icon

The brief was to come up with a visual identity that reflects the multicultural cooperative nature of the Kadın ve İklim Projesi (Woman and Climate Project) whilst keeping with a feminine theme, as well as relaying core values such as nurturing fresh water resources, land use and heirloom seeds.

This was one of the initial sketches proposed as emblem, which was later dropped for another. I liked that the emblem came together in this sketch echoing a feeling of “mother-nature” without depicting a particular feminine face or person, and is vaguely reminiscent of Anatolian carpet motifs, as well as the symbol “Hamsa” for protection.

More information on the project and the final version of the logo can be seen here.

Client: Kazdağı Koruma Derneği & Türetim Ekonomisi Derneği
Services: Corporate Identity