Atelier Parfait

Atelier Parfait is an architectural studio in the French Riviera comprised of the international duo Maria Theresa and Çiğdem Jung. The studio provides services to a variety of clients, from residential projects and offices to clinics and retail stores, as well as designing custom furniture pieces to complement their vision.

They requested a new logotype to reflect their sense of timeless, distinct style, which we went on to adapt to sub-brands as they expanded to include dedicated teams for their evolving needs.

The request was for the logo to be used mainly in black and white, with the option of an unintrusive muted color. They also wished to incorporate an insignia option to brand items minimally. I included secondary accent colors, inspired by the French Riviera, to complement their palette as needed.

Client: Çiğdem Jung
Services: Logotype and branding, business cards, notepads.