Baltaş Group is a long time client, specialising in recruitment strategies, leadership coaching and continuous development of employees. With the company founders Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş and Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş being both academicians, the company is dedicated to ongoing collaboration and education of clients through their quarterly magazine Kaynak.

The design of the magazine has been updated twice, with the current version being in print since 2014. With this redesign, we aimed to move out of the corporate color scheme adding more life and breath, while also dividing each article more distinctly.


Client: Baltaş Grubu
Services: Quarterly Magazine Design Template, Quarterly Magazine Execution

Layout-Baltas Kaynak Quarterly 01
Layout-Baltas Kaynak Quarterly 02
Layout-Baltas Kaynak Quarterly 03
Layout-Baltas Kaynak Quarterly 04